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Kristen Johnson, PT, DPT, SEP
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Kristen Johnson, PT, DPT, SEP

Kristen's formal study of the human body began over 15 years ago, which led her to obtain a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011.  Since that time, she has worked as a licensed physical therapist in a variety of settings. She deeply values evidence-based approaches, especially those rooted in the burgeoning realm of mind-body medicine. However, her practice cannot ignore the therapeutic value of embodied attunement, curiosity, and intuition.

Kristen is an enthusiast of the human body, in all of its complexity and nuances.  Use of touch work is perhaps where her passion burns brightest; however, the teachings of Feldenkrais and Body-Mind Centering also illumine the ways she explores movement to shift our habitual patterns. With humility, she realizes the more she learns about the body, there is only more to discover.  

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Embodiment is about what is, not about what should be or could be.
- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


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